Energy From Breath

Steven Guth and David Beale

A rose communicating, meditating and receiving energy

roses breathe
roses communicate
roses receive love and energy

Same roses; opposite side.

Energy is gathered by resonance  and acceptance. Resonances fit shape. Acceptance builds shape.

Lotus Flower 

Chakra points are likened to lotus flowers. Some of our multi-dimensional bodies have places with shapes like lotus flowers. Our bodies have shapes that focus and resonate with three-dimensional energy.

When we get past the idea that we are what's in our heads we can see our bodies as extensions of our sacred individuality; as energy and matter on loan to us for experiencing human lives.

All living things have shapes and symbols for resonating with many types of energy. We live in many more types of energy along with electromagnetic heat, light, radio...matter and movement in one-dimensional time. We live in multi-dimensional time and space and our bodies are shaped for being everywhere, too.

German Dragon 2nd View

When we breathe deeply
We can outrun hungry dinosaurs; in our imaginations.
And we'll breathe deeply again, more often
to resonate with deeper tunes of energy
and outrun hungry dinosaurs in reality.

German Dragon Hungary Dinosaur 

A concept of the human body as it is presented in modern science

A 15th century churchman would have little trouble recognizing the model of reality that we now hold before our eyes. The age of Reason tinkered with it but its core remains as it was 600 years ago.

We seemingly have a soul (roughly analogous with the ‘New Age’ higher self) which is Devine and on death will return to bliss in the higher world. Then we have a ‘rational reasoning’ aspect (the ‘rational atheist’ highlights this aspect). And we have an emotional aspect – which can land us in all sorts of peccadillos (with and without the aid of the Devil).

Our human package has come increasingly into existence as we developed from our more primate, less socially aware, ancestors. There were key points along this journey. Fire, stone tools, the Garden of Eden, agriculture, metal smelting, the city state, machines that do physical work … and now, ultimately, the Nuclear Age .

We don’t often express the ideas in the last paragraph, and least of all do we recognize the recentness of events. For a couple of million years we humans used rocks as our prime tools. Barely 6,000 years ago an apple was plucked from the tree of knowledge and lo and behold we became metal smelting, war mongering, politically aware citizens of the planet Earth.

We have ingested this mythical view of reality. In doing so we have accepted the biblical proposition that Humans are the dominant species on the planet. This gives us the right and obligation to control everything.

Modern Western ecologists, and Asians who subscribe to Daoist philosophy, consider humans as an integral part of the planet earth and whole star flecked cosmos.

Hilda & Beautiful Tree by the Lotus Pond in Vietnam

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