An exploration of some forces behind Islam

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Islam as a social, political and religious phenomenon. Islam’s use of spiritual and physic force in its invasion of Kashmir — documentation is presented. A meditative insight into the main spiritual force manifesting in Mecca. Further investigation of Islam through the concept of National Folk Soul — the concept is explained. The how, what and the why of the Islamic penetration of Europe. Sunni and Shai, two forms of Islam empowered by different National Folk Souls. An exploration of future of Islam in the world, with special reference to the Nuclear energy and its dangers. Comments by a friend: the Kaaba, a ledgend and Islam’s hypnotic use of fear. Appendix one presents documentation on the techniques of Islamic physic penetration. Appendix one presents documentation on the techniques of Islamic physic penetration. Appendix two demonstrates how the antenna theory of consciousness helps our understanding of why psychic forces affect people.   

To separate religion and politics is impossible; religion is about 60% politics.

Think of the Thirty Years war. European princedoms, under the banners of Catholicism and Protestantism, fought each other for geopolitical reasons. Think of the Crusades. Political means were used to achieve dubious religious objectives. Think of the world letting Zionists push the Arabs from Palestine. Consider the situation in the middle east with Sunni, Shiite, Christian and Jewish all fighting each other for prominent geopolitical motivations — money, oil, water, land...

A fascinating thing about Islam is how well it works to bind people into working for political ends. How does Islam achieve this?

Islam, from its very inception, was based on socio-political concepts. It quickly moved into geopolitical considerations and was rapidly successful. Islam’s structure inherently aids its political ends. 

Islam’s political background is clarified in the following article from which I quote a few pieces. “A Secular History of Islam,” by Tariq Ali at October 17, 2014. Ali is well regarded writer and commentator on Islamic culture.

“A seventh-century prophet could not become the true spiritual leader of a tribal community without exercising political leadership and, in the Peninsula, mastering the basics of horsemanship, sword-play and military strategy. Muhammad had understood the need to delay the final breach with polytheism until he and his companions were less isolated. However, once the decision to declare a strict monotheism was taken, no concessions were granted.”

Muhammad’s spiritual drive was fueled by socio-economic ambitions: by the need to strengthen the commercial standing of the Arabs, and to impose a set of common rules. He envisioned a tribal confederation united by common goals and loyal to a single faith which, of necessity, had to be new and universal. Islam was the cement he used to unite the Arab tribes;”

Christianity, except for brief periods here and there, has never been as politically successful as Islam, because Christianity’s rituals, for example, inadequately access underlying spiritual forces which create high levels of social adhesion.

The underlying spiritual forces behind Islam are strong. Praying 5 times a day, with physical body movements and group chanting, creates an emotional and spiritual web that binds the prayer group. The oft repeated ritual also allows easy access for thought and mind control by hypnotism or occult techniques all adding to the preacher’s ability to bind a group.

In English the word ‘radicalization’ is used to describe this process. ‘Radicalization’ is a misnomer because it implies that rational decision making processes are taking place; they aren’t.

Let me describe one of my quests in coming to grips with the complexities of Islam.

First a little background.

My curiosity about religions may well stem from my Jewish background, Jesuit upbringing, years of working with Aboriginal people; and my Singaporean Chinese wife; and even today exploring Singapore’s Buddhist and Taoist temples is a favorite pastime. friends brought me into contact with an Imam who wished to induct me into his fold. We met in the back room of a Sydney Mosque. It was a male only affair but I insisted that my wife stay with me. Losing patience, the Imam, a busy managreed. As the Imam and his entourage chanted I could feel myself going under; I was being spell-bound, hypnotized. Having experienced similar physic pressures from Aboriginal elders, I managed to shut down. Later, Kathrine told me she had blocked the Imam’s force. The Imam left in a flurry, frustrated.

Another time, curious about its geomantic strengths, I snuck into the State of Johore Mosque in Singapore. Hidden behind a pillar I meditated, while my Chinese driver, Lang Pao, waited in the parking area. When I returned to the car he seemed befuddled; later he had an accident. My aboriginal friends where masters at making people come and sending them away (Well, that was in the days before mobile phones). Lang Pao had been spelled.

Intrusion by Islamic spiritual force

Bhagwan Gopinath.jpgThis subject is hard to explain to ‘rational’ materialists. It needs to be discussed if one wishes to grasp what has happened in Europe now, in 2015, and is likely to keep occurring in the future. I’ve added extra URL links, below. I first became aware of use of psychic force by Islam in 2002. Philip Simpendorfer in a lengthy interview discussed the Pakistani (Muslim) invasion of Indian Kashmir (Hindu). The interviews can be accessed via Philip’s book “Journey to Earth’s Dawning” was the focus of our wide ranging discussions. The book is available as a free download at or from 

Also in the above web link is a lengthy letter (see appendix) – a cut from which appears below. The letter was written by Philip’s Kashmri friend Mr. Fotedar. It explains how the Muslim psychic intrusion worked to weaken a significant and powerful Hindu site. A simple man, a devote follower in the Bhagwan Gopinath Ashram in Srinagar where Fotedar was president, had been psychically directed to tip the sacred ash into a bucket and throw it in the river. (The full text of Mr Fotedar’s 1985 letter is in the appendix.)

Philip wrote an explanatory forward to Mr. Fotedar’s letter …

Glastonbell 1/1/2000

Dear Steven,

Here is a photostat of the letter that I received from Fotedar 15 years ago.{this is the letter in the appendix} You can use it now, so much time has passed and what Fotedar feared may happen has indeed occurred.

You can see the context – Kashmir, Holy Land of the Goddess, and the need to destroy her way (Shakti Upasana) as a part of the ultimate Moslem triumph — a theme of "Satanic Verses" by Kashmiri Rushdie.

The process:

  1. "Prayer" focus by saints in Pakistan & Kashmir.
  2. The breakthrough into the mind of one person in the opposing spiritual headquarters (Gopinath Ashram)
  3. His destroying of power objects.
  4. The contest of saints at the spiritual headquarters — as Fotedar describes his vision in the attached letter.
  5. Triumph of Moslem saints as typified by the sequence of events prior to Indira Gandhi's assassination — also mentioned by Fotedar.

A year or two after 1985 over two dozen Hindu temples and shrines were destroyed or vandalised following a false story that some Kashmiri Moslems were killed in India on a bus tour. The bus was delayed in its return. Obviously the Militants were well organised by then. By 1989 the Goddess obviously knew what was soon to happen — as highlighted by the coming of the Universal Mother's presence to Australia with Robyn.

Kashmiri Hindus had a sense of foreboding. Then in 1990 came "Holocaust Day" when the call for Jihad to rid Kashmir of Kaffirs was broadcast over the loudspeakers of the mosques and slaughter began with the result that most of the Hindu community fled.

Best Wishes


The cut below is from the letter Philip refers to. The full text of the letter is in the appendix. It is also on the web 

“… However hard the Muslim saints may try using all artificial and questionable methods, they will ultimately fail to penetrate the citadel of Shakti Culture Upasana in Kashmir which has very deep root. There may be temporary setbacks but in the end Shakti Upasana Culture will spread its beneficent enlightening rays throughout the world …”

A brief explanation may help re. “… artificial and questionable methods”. What did Mr. Fotedar mean by that?  He meant that the Muslim Sufi ‘saints’ living in Pakistan where applying psychic, spiritual magic against Kashmir in general and his Ashram in particular.

What Fodedar called “artificial and questionable method” is common to all magical systems in all cultures. Voodoo is depicted as sticking needles into dolls, Greeks talk about the ‘evil eye’, Thais invoke charms … the list is endless. Australian Aboriginals had their own techniques.

The above having been said I will mention what I experienced in 2014 on while in Singapore. It was an amazing Islamic vibe that covered the island nation. It’s was a sort of hum, Islammm,,,Islammmmm,,, it fogged my brain. When I recited the Islamic hum, I noticed a resonance within myself — further befuddling my mind. The hum penetrated into every nock and cranny on the island. Strangely, it seemed nullified by rain.

The ‘how’ of physic attack is puzzling for many Westerners. Witchcraft literature is full of it. In the 1930’s Dion Fortune wrote ‘Psychic Self-Defense’ a popular book which is still a bench mark. My personal inclination is different. I conceive the human body an antenna system which picks up and sends out signals; so physic invasion and possession are only a matter of the correct attunement. See my article in the appendix two “The Antenna Theory – the process of human consciousness” and the article, with others, at

2001, my first Meditative insight into Islam

This piece is an extract from . I wrote it in October 2001. The version below has been slightly truncated.

My meditative exploration of Islam has been difficult, very difficult and at times depressing. I used visualizations of the insides of mosques that I have visited as entry points to my reflections. Soon I had black panthers lurking in the corners around my personal space. They prowled, they jumped up and snarled, exposed long incisors, backed off and started again… It took me more than a week to connect them to the American 'Black Panthers' Negro group. Seemingly I had stumbled on a force set up to discourage meditative investigations into Islam.

I then used the Kaaba as a focal point for my visualizations. In the center stands a cube in which rests a black metallic meteorite with a vagina like hole. Usually draped in black cloth, the cube is the central point in Mecca and is the place towards which Muslims face when they pray. The direction is marked on the ceiling of bedrooms in Muslim countries. building around the cube can accommodate a million worshipers at a time. Maybe half a billion people pray towards the cube every day, many millions 5 times a day. The total Islamic population of the earth is about a billion. As a focal point for accumulated astral power the Kaaba makes the Vatican and European Cathedrals seem like toy boxes.

I soon perceived that the area in the Kaaba spun like a dervish dance. Pilgrims move in a circle around the cube and the cube itself has an apparent spin. It moves in a horizontal axis. This is something I have never seen before. In fact in my mind's eye the Deva associated with the Kaaba is strange; it is smoother and more refined than other devas I have experienced or seen illustrated by Geoffrey Hodson and other people. Its surface is almost metallic with no wisps of colored spray. It reaches up into the sky, perhaps to 5,000 meters. After a few weeks I came to the conclusion that what I was being shown was a fire deva with its head in the planet and its tail exiting into the biosphere. The image of a sperm fertilizing an egg comes to mind. I decided to call this Deva 'Big M'. dowsed other exit points for Big M. There are many, the dome of the rock in Jerusalem is a point, a mountain in Somalia is a point of 'intellectual' exit, Manhattan Island has become an important exit point and so on.

2016, further Meditative Insights

As I write, in early 2016, there are major movements in Islamic matters. Geopolitical war rages in the Middle East against a backdrop of differences between Sunni and Shia. Millions of refugees are on move and many are Islamic. The events leading to this situation have puzzled me. I read the news and access commentator’s articles. The geopolitical situation is clear enough … land, money, oil, pipelines, water. But what is happening underneath? What are the underlying spiritual forces?

I’ve searched the web and asked my friends for their opinions. The web has been of little use; few spiritual things find their way into web culture. And my insights (whatever their quality) are strange. But as I think about and describe my insights I see patterns that explain much.

A useful piece of information came from a Burmese friend. He told me that Burma has a huge influx of Islamic people from Bangladesh; the numbers are uncertain but are probably well over half a million. This flow of people started years ago and is having a destructive influence on Burmese society. Alex told me about the rape of Burmese women who – because of their culture – end up connected to the Islamic rapist. Alex saw this as a way of spreading Islam by procreation.

Alex also mentioned that there is an Islamic group (more he didn’t say) that calls itself 786 which is working to make Islam the dominate force in the world by the end of the 21st century. (Added together 786 equals 21.) The numerals are interesting in that they can be transcribed, as in the illustration, to elicit the word “Allah” using Arabic script. There are also interesting, almost magical mathematical, aspects to the number.

Clearly, Alex sees the current million people migrant influx into Europe as a repeat of the situation occurring in Burma and which the government has found difficult, if not impossible, to solve.

My approach. Investigating, the Islamic Folk Soul

A little explanation may help. What is a Folk Soul? Recently I wrote a book about Nazi Germany, “Message Stone the Quest” Published and printed in German. A free English pdf version is at ).

When investigating the background to the Nazi phenomenon I found that the Nazis had taken much of their concepts from Rudolf Steiner’s esoteric material. The Nazi belief in the need for “A pure German Aryan race” comes in large part from Steiner’s eleven important lectures given in June of 1910 at Christiania (Oslo) and titled “The Mission of Individual Folk-Souls in Connection with Germanic-Scandinavian Mythology”. The quote below is from the book’s preface (my translation)

‘If we wish to understand the inner life of an individual we must study his soul as well as his body. And if we desire to gain real insight into national characteristics of a Nation we must explore the underlying psychic and spiritual elements. These psychic and spiritual elements, however, reflect much more than the sum total individual human souls working in concert – indeed, the National Folk Soul has its origin in a higher spiritual reality ... One must accept this higher spiritual reality or one must abandon any hope of  understanding the situation.’

The Nazis believed that the German National Folk Soul – portrayed as an eagle with outstretched wings standing on a Swastika – could add its immense power to the German nation only through a united genetically pure Aryan German race — Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, the retarded and others needed to eliminated to make Germany ‘race pure’. The Nazis, like Islamic fanatics, set about this task with a vengeance.

Using the meditative skills I honed when working on the Nazi material, following Steiner’s advice I looked at the spiritual aspects, the National Folk Souls, pertaining to the current Islamic situation.

A 2016 review of the Mecca, the Kaaba and “Big M”

Yes, Big M is still focused on the Kaaba and has exit points all over the globe from the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, to significant mountains here and there. But there are many new exit points where big M’s energy provides a pervasive background vibe much like the hum, Islammm,,,Islammmmm, I recently experienced in Singapore and described above.

I suspect that this energy is enticing and strengthening for every Muslim standing within its outflowing energy. The 2016 New Year celebration riot in front of Cologne Cathedral is an example of this situation.

I’ll need to digress a little at this point. What happened in Cologne – and the reaction to it – shows how underlying spiritual energies unconsciously affect us and our actions. continue the digression; In 2013 In Europe I visited numerous sacred sites and holy places; and experienced their geomantic and spiritual status. Two, Milan and Cologne Cathedrals, are relevant to this discussion; both of which I had visited 50 years previously. Milan was a terrible shocker; I recalled it as an amazing historically alive space but discovered that it now had a strong and horrifying connection to the underworld. I just wanted to leave but Kathrine wished to experience tourism; and, later, returning to our hotel, Kathrine tripped and hurt her shoulder (consider what happened to Lang Pao). The Cathedral Square energy created confusion and destruction as it radiated out from the underworld. I now realize it was Big M.

Cologne Cathedral was in a state of transition. Like many European riverside churches the Cathedral had a direct spiritual connection to the Rhine River flowing nearby. The deva of the river was easy to contact, inside the Cathedral, by using the enshrined sacred Madonna doll as a gateway.

But the market square around the Cathedral was uncomfortable, it lacked spiritual presence. A mix of people milled around; there were insufficient toilets; beggars and buskers vided for attention. I was glad to escape to the virtually-empty nearby art gallery.

I now realize that what was happening was a ‘work in progress’ by Islamic spiritualist employing what Mr. Fotedar described as the situation in Kashmir (see above and appendix). Islamic Sufis are working to destroy the energy of European sacred sites, creating a void into which they then place the energies associated with their Folk Soul.

In the appendix, also, is an article by Robin Adams describing the how a Kashmir Deva relocated to Australia leaving behind, in Kashmir, a void waiting to be filled. The situation, on New Year’s Eve 2015 in Cologne, reflects this belief. Islamic people felt empowered; the Germans, in their overreaction, expressed their unconscious knowledge that something sinister was occurring.

And so in Summary:

Image result for jame mosque of isfahanThe current inflow of Islamic people to Europe as similar to what Alex described as occurring in Burma over the last few years: a move by Islam to dominate the 21st century. The above also explains the way Islamic leaders use psychic mechanisms to help in their endeavor to alter the Folk Souls of European nations. The fact that the vast majority of Europeans are unwilling to consider anything esoteric has made the Islamic task much easier.  

Sunni and Shia, why the divide?

My designation of Islam as a simple expression of Big M is flawed. At the next level of complexity why do Sunni and Shia see each other as different? To continue with the spiritual analysis we have been following we need to understand that National Folk Souls relate to places, to locations. Big M piggy-backs on National Folk Souls. As an aid to understand how this works consider the situation in “Christian” Europe, the mismatch between Catholic Italy and Protestant Germany, with the huge historical tensions this mismatch has created.

The divide between Sunni and Shia has similarities with the European example I’ve given above. The Sunni centre is a combination of Saudi Arabia and Big M. The Shai has its centre in Iran in the ancient city of Isfahan, once the capital of Persia; its name means ‘half the world’.

The Isfahan site has been settled by people from before Neolithic times.  Isfahan’s central Bazaar, with its strangely angled mosque, was once a famous stop on the Silk Road linking east and west. is a river town with large ceremonial ponds which explains why I see its Folk Soul as a water-based entity. Conversely, I see the Mecca rooted entity as a being of fire and metal — as befits the Kaaba’s, central enshrouded iron meteorite. here we have the divide between Sunni and Shia, the same underground Big M energy but expressed though different folk souls. One expressed through fire and metal, the other through water. My meditative reflections suggest to me the Middle East will end up divided between Sunni and Shia with a continual fluctuating boundary between the water and fire aspects. Even now one can see this boundary expressed in Geo-political terms as Sunni Saudi Arabia and its allies pushes against Shia Iran and its neighbours. The situation in Europe has similarities — consider the still unfinished tensions between France, Italy and Germany. Without great wisdom by both parties I cannot see a resolution to the underlying folk soul tensions between Sunni and Shia. The recent Sunni beheading of a Shia cleric and the terrible ongoing proxy war in Syria are indicative of low wisdom and offer poor hopes for the immediate future. A stable boundary has yet to be established.

Further meditative reflections.

A note on Women’s clothing, the why.


The ‘correct’ Islamic Dress worn by Sunni women has a spiritual affect. It is a mobile tent that blocks out sky and spiritual energies (the sun even) and collects radiating underground forces. Hinduism teaches that women collect and radiate out manifesting spiritual energies onto the earth plain. Men are ‘inflamed’ by the energies. In Hindu terms, the Male God on the Altar represents the formless energy stream; his female consort represents its manifestation onto the earth. Consider Shiva and Shakti.

This gives a deeper explanation of why Fundamentalist Sunnis insist on women wearing the ‘correct’ attire. It makes them radiating forces for the Big M.  To understand what I mean, consider how make up, high heels and open clothing turns western women into walking advertisements for sex based consumerism.

… and what’s is happening in America?

The United States of America is a puzzle; in part because it is not one simple Folk Soul but a combination. The East and West Coasts are different, as are North and South; and within these divisions are many other divisions. There is a general agreement that America is, over all, materialist not spiritual. The central Rockies area near Denver is seen by some as the most spiritual part America. 

Is Big M penetrating the States? I think Islam finds a resource in the Afro-American community but not though other community segments. I think this will lead to deepening divisions and further radicalisations in American society. America took on much of the Nazi German vibe after World War Two and contains much of what this technologically rich culture brought to the USA. The German ‘Untermenchen’ are now Latinos and the once-enslaved ‘Coloured and Negros’. Given this background there is much room for radicalisation.

My mediative reflection on America yielded one amazing result: The extent to which the multitude Regional Folk souls have all been influenced and even dominated by a devil like Nuclear Power Entity. If there is now one uniting aspect in modern America folk diversity it is Nuclear Force. Hardly a folk soul, the ‘nuclear devil’ it is not a deva; it has more to do with the earth bound realm of electricity with its attendant elementals. devil, the Nuclear Power entity, is accompanied by pervasive sets of attendant elementals that live in their own reality. Our development of nuclear power and atomic bombs is of great use to these Elementals — it enables them to penetrate into our dimension of reality. Needless to say, they do what they can to expand their realm into our dimension. They achieve this by giving humans a feeling of great material power — giving materialists a sense that they are interdimensional beings like the Gods of old.

Nuclear force gives a beguiling sense of power. The Chinese – attracted by a desire to emulate the power behind American exceptionalism – have plans to build 400 nuclear power stations. Post Chernobyl and Fukushima this is a frightening thought. I suspect that it is only a matter of time until Big M and the nuclear elementals interpenetrate, if they haven’t already.

Of course, other Nations are also affected by the Nuclear Power entities. Consider bankrupt Britain, status-conscious France, strutting Russia; India, Pakistan, North Korea and last but not least fortified Israel. It is interesting that the Germans – perhaps historically sensitive about allegiance with dangerous devils leading to disaster – have made moves to sever ties with nuclear power.

One needs to stop and reflect on the possibility of a terrorist attack on a nuclear power station. This could come from a rocket bomb – the Palestinians have lobbed an occasional firecracker rocket at Israeli nuclear facilities – and as drone technology is now hobby material this is an easy possibility. Spent fuel pools would make easier targets than containment structures, and the results could be even more deadly. And recall Mr. Fotedar’s description of a simple worker being psychically directed to harm; his Ashram-worker attacks have been recorded in American Power stations. And don’t forget the possibility of cyberattacks. The sheer number of power stations makes a terrorist-assisted malfunction easier to conceive; USA, 99, France 58, Russia 31, United Kingdom 19, Belgium 7, Switzerland 5. Virtually all have spent fuel stored on their sites. The figures come from Wiki; the list is not complete; many other countries have nuclear reactors.

An attack on a nuclear power station could result in millions needing to be immediately evacuated. Imagine such a few coordinated attacks occurring in France and Belgium when the winds are blowing towards Germany. Europe would never be the same. The resultant chaos and void would be just the sort of thing that Big M would appreciate. 

Other Nations and the possible results of Islamic penetration

The comments in this section are the result of meditative reflection, to be considered as wild, but possible, guesses. (again): America’s political strategy is to invade Nations by creating social and political voids. The intention is then to try and control the resulting chaos to achieve their aims. (This matches the Islamic tactic of creating spiritual voids.) Americans then try to project their materialistic toys – cars, machines, telecommunications, fast food etc. – into nations they have destabilised. This has not worked well. Material goodies only give freedom from physical work if they can be held in the hand. Freedom and nuclear power are as beguiling as a proverbial Free Lunch.

Egypt has a Folk Soul based on its rich and powerful history. Perhaps Egypt will develop yet another form of Islam, which may eventually dominate Northern Africa, as Libya was well on the way of achieving in Gaddafi’s time.

Israel is in a severely threatened situation. I sense that it will eventually become part of the new greater Egyptian sphere of influence.

India is, and will probably remain, a charming and self-destructive combination of bits and pieces.

South Africa is weird and complicated with interlocking national folk souls. No guesses for what may happen.

England’s folk soul has changed from rural to urban and destructive. England is a complex mixture of good and bad. Anything could happen in the social realm with Islam involved at the periphery.

Malaysia is undergoing Islamic radicalisation. The once-dominant nature spirits have been pushed into the background. A materialistic form of Islam – with Big M manifesting – is taking over and causing increasing levels of havoc

Singapore is in a good situation. It is one of the few places on the planet where all forms of Islam can interact with western Christian culture. This role seems destined to continue.

For China, probably more regionalisation will occur and Spiritual Great Wall barriers could prevent Islam from making much impact in important urban, industrial parts of the country.

Europe will keep adding to the virtual ghettos that have been in place in France and other nations for many years. This will result in increasing economic and social divisions with occasional violence. And the possibility for Nuclear Terrorism, or an induced accident as mentioned above, seems real enough.

Australia, with its vastness and strong natural earth-energy sites, eventually turns all immigrants into aboriginal Australians. Islamic leaders sense this fact and attempt to hold this generational transformation at bay by preaching strictly Koranic Islam. It is unlikely to work. About 15 – 20 years ago Islamic groups took practical steps to bring Aboriginal people into their sphere of influence; it didn’t work.

Further comments by a friend.

The Kaaba in legend. Islam’s hypnotic use of fear.


“You see, …… the Mecca stone is from Heaven. When Adam was forced to leave paradise he took his favorite stone with him. He used to like touching it.

Adam built his house exactly when the Kaaba now stands. Which is also the location of Abraham’s house.

There is the legend that Abraham left his wife and son at home and went looking for water. When after days he hadn’t come back the Ismail concerned about his mother’s thirst went to find water. When he didn’t return the mother went looking for him; failing to find him she returned home and prayed to god to help. The angel Gabriel appeared and where his wing touched the ground (about 150 meters from the house) a fountain of water appeared. This was made into a well and still is at the same location.”

… hence, my judgement about the two aspects of Islam - fire/metal and water - does seem to have some validity.

The famous stone was actually stolen by a rival group, the Gharamtineh (spelling?) from Bahrain and got broken. After 300 years pieces were recovered. The stone is now held together by a wide silver encircling ring. It is not very big, about 15 x 20 x 25 cm and most probably is a meteorite. It is heavy but if placed in water floats. Originally it was white, it now is black because it ‘absorbs the badness (evil/sin) out of people who touch it’. In previous times, not so long ago pilgrims used to touch the stone.

Hypnotism is a strong part of Islamic doings. The high pitched voice that is used in chanting encourages it, increasing suggestibility. Consider, the music scale, the ‘La’ note is the highest … “Allah” is great pre and post hypnotic word. Aromatic herbs are burnt – the selection being for a similar hypnotic reason. Indeed hypnotism is woven deeply and completely through Islamic doings. Iman’s have for centuries had a knowledge of it – as have African Witch Doctors. Once hypnotized it is easy reestablish another hypnotic trance; the ‘La’ tone helps in hypnotic induction.

… the above reinforces my impressions about my experience with the Iman and my impression about the all-pervading Islamic vibe in Singapore that casts a (hypnotic) spell over the island Nation.

Islam runs on fear. The fear of Allah’s vengeance and the fears associated with Saharia law. This constant ‘fear’ pressure maintains the post hypnotic Islamic spell and opens people to easily induced hypnotism.

Fear is taught early to children in Koranic schools. It can be found throughout the Koran. Linked to the hypnotic pattern it becomes a powerful tool. Muhamad, suggested that fear helps one defeat one’s enemy, if they fear you they can’t think properly, so it is easier to win, we are seeing that today.

… after being told the above, I checked on the web.


Here is some of the material I found …


Ever since I learned that the Jinn can possess people, I have been scared. I cannot sleep at night. They say that if you pray, you will not be scared. I pray, but I am very scared. What can I do?

Answered by

Sheikh Khâlid Husayn

I have read your letter with deep concern and have felt the fears that you are suffering from.

You should know that the Jinn are a creation of Allah, but they are of a lesser grade than human beings. Sheikh Abû Bakr al-Jazâ’irî said: “Even the Muslim Jinn are lower in dignity and honor than human beings. Allah says: “We have honoured the sons of Adam; provided them with transport on land and sea; given them for sustenance things good and pure; and conferred on them special favours, above a great part of Our Creation.” [Sûrah al-Isrâ’: 70]

Mohammed himself bragged that he had been made victorious with terror, and his followers are obliged to imitate Mohammed's infallible example as the perfect man and role model of behavior. This is not to suggest that all Muslims are fully observant terrorists. Recent polls suggest that only about 30% actively support terrorism.


And as to creating fear today, the most frightening aspect are the ‘snuff’ videos. I stumbled across two on the following site,

Here are stills from the beginning of the videos. In the first a group of men is shot in the head and they fall over face down. In the second a man’s throat is sliced through – gory. I don’t advise you to look at them. Neither helped my sleep.

There are other sites as well. Even more than I discovered. Clearly none may be on the web tomorrow.

Further comments, from the web …

Of course we've had terrorists before - ETA, IRA, Red Brigades etc going right back to the 19th century Anarchists.

But there's one thing that sets Islamic terrorism apart, and it's something that I was only half aware of until I read
the following post, and that is Islamic terrorism's ritualistic nature. The dead infidels and their blood are human sacrifices: ritual offerings to Allah...

"From the videotapes of a beheading, that accompanies every kidnap of Westerners, to the mass slaughter of Muslim prisoners who are tied and bound in Iraq and Algeria, modern Islam appears to have retreated into some mirror image of an ancient bloody past, where bloodthirsty winged devils, and gory altars haunted the ancient Middle East.

You don't need to understand Arabic to get the message of those videos of a beheading, with their rituals and liturgy from the mosque. The sermon, read by a self styled imam precedes the sacrifice, when the human calf, bound and shivering with terror (apart from the brave Italian hostage), has his or her throat slit, by the "imam."

This ‘imam’ may well be the local halal butcher, as was found to be the case in Algeria, where ‘Momo le Nain’, aka Mohammed the Midget, a butchers apprentice, beheaded many prisoners. On one memorable night in 1996, in Ben-Talha, a suburb of the capital Algiers, ‘Momo’ cut off a record 86 heads in one night, that included taking the heads of more than a dozen children.

Who would have thought that human sacrifice in the name of a world religion would once again stalk the earth in the 21st Century?"

… The above comment seems to have forgotten the terrible years of the Nazi madness when mass murder was committed on quasi-religious grounds. The mass shooting of Polish people who, dead, tumbled into the graves they dug, factories for turning the living into the dead. Millions, and that was within my lifetime.

And if your gore level can tolerate it, another video

And finally a quote from The Guardian. It suggests that the ‘snuff’ videos are designed not just to cast fear into potential enemies but are also used a recruiting device. I guess in the end we humans can hardly call ourselves the highest form of life on the planet – my vote for that title goes to whales.

His mother claimed he had been 'indoctrinated' at the mosque.

The film shows a series of operations by the GSPC in Algeria around 18 months ago. There is graphic footage of the deaths of more than 20 young conscripts in an ambush. After the soldiers' trucks hit mines laid in a road, the extremists are seen slitting throats and shooting survivors. Pictures of government troops, some with their skulls shot away and their brains exposed, are then shown, followed by images of the Islamists congratulating each other and offering prayers of thanks.

The commentary calls for 'holy war until judgment day', and tells viewers to 'kill in the name of Allah until you are killed. Then you will win your place forever in paradise... the war against the Jews and the Christians is being won.'

Algerian security service investigators called the video 'an appalling pornographic catalogue of violence' and said they hoped that those responsible for its distribution would be 'swiftly taken out of circulation'.


Appendixes :

Appendix One

An addition to the text relating to the section titled; “A 2016 review of the Mecca, the Kaaba and Big “M”


When Robyn wrote up the experiences below she was married to Philip Simpfendorfer, with whom she travelled to Kashmir. Philip is also mentioned in Fodedar material in the main body of this article. 

Robyn Adams,   Bell. 2786. NSW,  July 1989.

In June 1988 Philip and I travelled from "Belltrees" in the Blue Mountains to Nepal Lid Kashmir where, for thousands of years, devotion to the Goddesses has been an important part of life in these Himalayan Valleys. With the increase in awareness of the upsurge of these energies throughout the world following Harmonic Convergence in August 1987 and the three phases of Earthlink in 1988, I wanted a greater and deeper understanding.

In Nepal we met the devouring aspect of the Goddess, typified by blood flowing from animal sacrifices, at the shrine of Daksum Kali. Every night in Kathmandu we had extremely unpleasant dreams and I found it very changed from my previous visit 20 years earlier when it was just awakening to the West. Our last week in Nepal was spent at the Kopan Buddhist Monastery and the bad dreams ceased.

The lamas perform frequent protection ceremonies. I wondered why so many Westerners got sick in Nepal. Perhaps more than germs are involved. Is it that they are weakened by the energies assaulting them?

A much purer form of the Goddess worship is practiced by the remaining Kashmiri Hindus. They now form only 3% of the population of Kastunir having been overwhelmed by the 95% Muslim people who care little for the worship of Feminine Divinity or the upliftment of woman and slowly the Goddess energy which is so vital for the balance of wellbeing in the world is being inundated and desecrated. The majority of visitors to Kashmir are not taken to the Hindu shrines — the beautifirl Khir Bhawani Spring, Hari Pabat home of Sharika, Uma Devi or Cheshmai-sahibi and have no idea of their importance.

Let me tell you how I came to be given the joyous task of bringing some of the nurturing energy from the crown of the Himalayas to the base in Australia thus joining the two. In mid July, seven of us trekked to Amar Nath Cave, the most sacred site of Hindus who visit in their thousands by the full moon in August. Amar Nath means Lord of Immortality and the cave is a sacred site for the Divine Union of Shiva and Parvati on Earth. Philip had been there on four previous journeys and had, on each occasion, been deeply touched by the experience. As we stood before the great ice linga I received a very clear message from Goddess source that was Very releveant. As I am not in the habit of hearing voices or communing with guides, it made a deep impression. We left the cave with Philip also having been deeply moved and returned a couple of hours later.

Luckily at that time there were few other pilgrims. This time, after a Iong meditation, I approached the linga again barefooted on the ice, and after placing a stone from "Belltrees", received a much more profound communication that left me in tears for an hour afterwards. Tears of joy, sorrow of wasted aeons, regrets, for untruths told and lack of love given and from the depth of my soul.

Several days later saw us at Lake Gangabal below Mt. Harmukh where another deep experience occurred and in the Gadsar Valley, a home of the love and power of the Goddess, Sharika, the feminine aspect of God. A flower strewn, lake bejewelled, clear air perfumed inspirational place where Music of the Spheres could be heard. I sang my heart open with happiness.

On our return to Shrinagar I became quite unwell with a chest infection, fever, coughing and generally feeling rotten. Some days later we visited Cheshmai-sahibi, a somewhat overgrown garden with a spring of pure water, where the female mystic Rupa Bhawani spent years in meditation and writing some 200 years ago. That night, as I was half asleep and coughing deeply, an energy seemed to enter through the top of my head and pass down my body. I got out of bed and sat on a chair to try to understand what was happening and Rupa Bhawani made herself known to me and healed me — instantaneously. She then proceeded to instruct me in what she wanted me to do and infused me with her love. She warned me that what she was asking me to do was fairly dangerous and to have little contact with others, especially Muslims, until I left Kashmir. She told me of the waning powers of the vital Goddess energy in Kashmir and that I was to take as much as I could and deposit it in Australia, at Katajuta (the Olgas) and at the Goddess site on "Belltrees". She showed me a vision of the area in Katajuta that had been prepared to receive the energy, by a few people during the past years. As I seemed to be shining brightly she sealed me in a black oval shape to disguise me whilst still in Kashmir and Philip, was empowered to protect me. The black was similar the black robes worn by Muslim women when they leave their houses. left Shrinagar the following morning for Achebel, a pleasant town with Moghul Gardens some 40 km away as we were on our way to a World Wide Healing conference at Pahalgarn (which we didn't gel to). During the ensuing ten days we spent quite a lot of time meditating at the Nag Dandi Ashram, some 20 minutes walk from the Government Guest House set amidst wonderful gardens where we were staying. Ashokananda, the man who began the Ashram, left his body in 1971 and is buried there. His presence is still there, watching over the place. He made contact with me, and started checking me out. I was also aware of the female Presences, one Rupa Bhawani, one called the mother who was wife to Rama Krishna to whom Asokananda was devoted, and one calling herself Lileth (found out more about her later), all emanating and overlighted by Sharika. You must realize much of this was new to me and I was constantly asking questions and wanting to be sure this was "reality".

My sealed aura was uncovered, as it was safe to do it there, for the old man kept guard. I was then infused with energy and given instruction on what to do with it. A lighter gauze was put around the energy and then sealed again. This happened every evening for a week until I felt I could hold no more and was enormous, but more was added from Khir Bhawani spring, Hari Pabat and Cheshmai sahibi just before we departed Kashmir. It was interesting how the energy was woven into strands of light that radiated around me with each line finer than the previous one, as linen to silk, then compressed like a bale of wool. A rainbow lining was inserted between the gauze and the black layers. I was told 1 would know what it was for when I went to Katajuta. By this time I was getting quite used to contact with these beautiful beings and sad at the thought of leaving but with the riots and looting that followed the death of President Zia of Pakistan, we left a week earlier than planned. This took quite some work on many levels to get a seat on a plane to Delhi, as anyone who has experienced panic in the Indian Airline office in Shrinagar would know.

On return to Sydney, we left the following day for Central Australia and Yulara. 1 had a remarkable connection with that area during Earthlink 1 and realized that the Sharika energy seemed similar to the Shekinah that had prepared the area. I could bring back so little of the feminine energy from Kashmir but enough to catalyse and intertwine with the force that flowed along the prepared male line. This flows from Mt. Kailas in Tibet (the sacred place of die union of Shiva and Parvati in Heaven), to Mt. Harmukh to Mt. Connor (Atila). The female line now flows from Mt. Kailas through the wonderful flower filled, highly energised Gadsar Valley, across to Katajuta as a double helix shaped energy, and thence throughout Australia via Uuru.

My ego took over at one stage and I asked "Why me"? Did 1 have the strength and ability to do this? Well, they said they were getting desperate and that no woman had come from Australia to Kashmir with any great ability and I was the best available, so if I failed it could be some time before the energy transference could take place. They were running out of time and all the preparation would have to he repeated — so don't fail. What a back-handed compliment! However, I felt highly privileged to be even considered a vessel for the task as it could lead to Australia fulfilling its purpose in times to come. Philip's energy was well known to the spiritual beings in Kashmir through his spiritual teacher, Gopi Nath Ji. This Divine Feminine energy had to he transferred within the human form and deposited in a prepared site. (Probably like a homing device on a missile, some energy of greater force can locate and home in on — but to create not destroy.)

I received a lot of inner teaching on the future role of women and the necessity to change our way of perceiving ourselves if we want equality. Our Divine connection needs to be reactivated and we should work in co-operation and not competition with men. The Goddess energy needed to go to Australia for several reasons.

It is a country comparatively free from religious dogma, domination and tradition. Our women are free and mostly treated as equals, especially by the educated. There are many aware and capable women living here who have a sense of purpose, adventure and a pioneering spirit. Without the fortitude of our female ancestors, this country would be very different. Australia, in South Australia, was the first country to give women a vote. It is a country of the future. It has a powerful and activated male and female site at its centre ready to receive and to distribute this energy. There will be indications within the next decade if this mission has been successful.

From Yulara we took a bus to Katajuta and the driver took us to the Valley of the Winds carpark, saying he never went there on the bus but felt he wanted to on that particular day. He led the passengers on a walk, pointing out the way through the Valley if anyone wished to walk through and meet the afternoon bus. To Philip and I he said we might like to go through the parallel valley, which we did and came to the area I had been shown in Kashmir! As the following day, 27th August, was full moon that eclipsed later that evening, Raksha Bundi day in Kashmir and the day of the transference we went back again, with a different driver who said busses never went to the Valley of the Winds carpark, but en route he too decided to make the extra journey, saving us hours of walking in the sun to the site. So we found the area, strewn with a circle of large boulders looking for all the world like a group of old men. After preparing an altar, we invoked the, spirits of the place who were to assist us. I became aware of several figures and then a very large being of light and energy with no real form. Soon the outer black seal around me was lowered revealing the rainbow covering which began to spin until it formed a spiral of colour and energy, then dispersed along prepared lines to various destinations. Following this, the precious treasure nurtured so carefully from the female sites of the Goddess was released. I felt a great surge of energy, the auric field swelled, the light gauze disintegrated and the aura of light exploded into millions of tiny sparks that seemed to have direction. My body shuddered violently but I felt joyous and very light in weight. I hadn't realized how heavy my 'burden' had been.

The exchange of energies has continued as part is deposited at a special site on "Belltrees". calls and I hear
From the depths of my being
I respond and follow her voice.
She leads me on a capricious journey
Along roads to nowhere
Amongst strange peoples
With whom I cannot even converse.
But I know that one day
When I have proven worthy
She will guide me along
The true path and I will see her
Shining in all her glory.
She will welcome me
And together, united
Shall we enter the realms
Of the Highest and be
Reunited with the source of all
Light and Love and Power.



Robyn Adams has been making pilgrimages to the sacred sites of the world for most of her adult life, and is directly involved in working and networking with those whose sacred task it is to re-activate and re-align the etheric balance of the Earth linked with the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine. She lives in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia and works in a wholostic Health Resort. She also lectures and writes on health related matters and the sacred earth.

An addition to the text relating to the section titled, “Intrusion by Islamic spiritual force” is the full text of the letter by Mr. Fotedar – from which a short extract was placed in the body of the text. It describes in rather Indian Hindu terms how Islam was using “artificial and questionable methods” to dominate Kashmir.

Bombay 8/3/85

Dear Shri Philips,

We thank you cordially for your Christmas and New Year's Greetings which I and my wife reciprocate heartily.

I have been following you, with your and Sister Jann's Letters to Shri Chrungroo and Duraji, so kindly shown to me by them in Srinagar. Reading some of your "News Letters", previously issued, I was wondering why there was no sweet aroma of our Divine Bhagwan Ji but was later happy to read your letter to Duraji which clearly indicated that you have corrected yourself and limited your activities to begin with, to those only, who have full faith in Bhagwan Ji as a Jagat Guru. Old Mr. Philips Simpfendatfer is to be found nowhere, as Bhagwan Ji, has taken full possession of his body and works through it and your ego is not concerned with the result. It is his look out.

Spiritually the year 1964 was a year of great travail for me, apart from body ailments which were there too, to queer the pitch.

I returned back to Srinagar from New Delhi early in May 10,64 and sensed some sort of vague trouble in the Ashram. From 1947 onward (when Pakistan had attacked Kashmir), the Muslim saints from Pakistan and some of their way of thinking in Kashmir, tried their level best to supplant the Shakti Upasana culture of Kashmir as also to change the Government of J&K State, but, the most powerful spiritual force of Bhagwan Ji checked this onslaught single handed and they could make no headway, As theirs was a concentrated mass spiritual, invasion, Bhagwanal Ji did not only rest on his oars but, in addition to his own spiritual power and clout, he attempted ocean also to draw power directly from the ocean of Universal Cosmic Magma, to checkmate their advance (Mahareshi Shri Aurobindos attempts in this direction may be cited as an example of this process). This is a process that most of the self-realized eminent saints of Kashmir appear to have failed to master or tackle, during the last 7 or 8 centuries and the results were disastraous. Bhagawan Ji, therefore, had to girt his loins and undergo great penance and sadhana that too, for a number of years, ignoring the welfare of his physical body altogether, to meet the challanges and succeeded. to a large extent. The Pakistani saints and Muslim saints in Kashmir of their way of thinking, remained very low and subdued during the last three decades but were always on the look out for opptortunities to raise their heads again and sneak their way to renew efforts of proselytization and supplanting Shakti Culture by Muslim tenets and belief. Being saints alright, they divined that for success in their progammes the main centre of Shakti Upasana and cultural renaissance, at present, the Bhagwan Gopinath Ashram should be subverted as, it was proving to be a great hurdle in their path. The best course appeared to them to sneak into the psyche of the members of the Ashram to imperceptably change their faith or atleast capture their psyche imperceptably.

Only some of the members were amanable to their bllndishments. Some out of them were lacking the virtue of a strong will or were other wise somewhat psychotic. Some of them were stubborn, egocentric and wholly impervious to spiritual vibrations which seemed to bounce back from them. They did not feel they were being possessed and made captive nor do they feel so even now unfortunately. I shall in the Iast instance relate an incident that took place about three years back and then another during last year to give you an idea of the way they insideously work to carry out their mischevious designs.

One of the members who had joined the ashram only four or five years back, happened to go Jammu (the Winter Capital of J&K State). Thinking him fit and amenable proselitization, one Muslim saint from Kashmir had either followed him and handed him over to a Muslim saint of Jammu for the purpose. The Jammu Saint weaned him from his Brahmanical beliefs to follow the tenets of Islamic Culture. He was cajoled to use Kalima, the sacred prayer of Muslims and use other Muslim terminology in his prayers which he started using. But he was still in two minds as allegiance to Bhagwan Ji's ideology was agitatin his psyche often. He returned to Srinagar after about 3 months stay there and the Jammu Muslim saint who was his guide (in Jammu) asked him to meet a Muslim saint in Srinagar (and gave his address too) for further instructions. As soon as he returned to Srinagar he came to the Ashram, a skeleton of his old self. However, he shook off the Muslim influence and regained his normal state. He is now, to some extent, cognizing the spiritual vibrations and progressing in the spirital sphere and is a valuable member of the Ashram now.

I am now relating a very improtant event that took place in the Ashram in August 1984 with grave. consequences. This was the result of capture of the psyche of a member of the Ashram by Muslim saints without his awareness of having been possessed and possibly does not understand it still. the relics enclosure in the Ashram, there is a Sigdi (a hexagonal iron stave supported, on iron legs) which, Bhagwan Ji amongst others used for burning his ahutis (offerings of Sugar, Rice, flowers and other articles) for his daily homa. This contained Bhasma full to the brim, a continuous process from Bhagawan Ji's life time, some of this was given to people and replenished by burning fresh ahutis in this. One of the members of the Ashram, cleansing the relics daily, without rhyme or reason, transferred this powerful Bhasma with most powerful vibration to a bucket and consigned it to river Jhelum. This happened in August 1984, when I was in Srinagar. I was dismayed when I learnt about it. This was a very bad augury as we lost a unrenewable and most powerful source of power from the Ashram and I was wondering what is going to happen.

The Bhasma was consigned to river Jhelum in the month of August 1984.

In the month of Sept. '84 at 9 p.m. I had a clear vision (or shall I call it a Sakh-Shatkar) with my eyes open. I have never in my life time had such a vision. I was sitting in a room on the first floor of my house on the Southern side at a window and as number of people moving in the main road just outside the planking enclosure of our house in the East. Out of the lot, four people walking through the smaller road on the Southern side of our house (linked with the main road) entered through the entrance turn-style door of our house in the space within the wooden enclosure inside the gate (6ft. x 4ft.) They halted in this small wooden planked enclosure but did not attempt to go further ifito our compound. One of the four fixed his constant gaze upon me without blinking, I too replied in the same fashion. He appeared to be a Pathan of Peshowar (an area in the possession of Pakistan) sporting a gold embroidered conical cap, with two coils of Muslim like cloth for a turban (as Pathans usually have). After what appeared to be about 2 minutes, they cleared out through the main gate, the way they had entered.

Lots of people were still moving on the main road an the Eastern side and a group of say about 100 people entered through the rough plank walling for about 80 ft. of its length on the main road-side beginning from the Northern end and occupied about 6 ft. width of our compound. Some of the people I marked were dark complexioned but very tall. They were wearing short coats and pyjamas with narrow sleeves and not shilwars baggy trousers used by Muslims). After a short time they too cleared out of the enclosure, the way they had come. This was followed soon after by another group of people an the Southern side of our plank walling (total length about 160 ft.) on a 80 ft. long front. They too entered the enclosing wooden wall but remained there on the fringe. They were fair skinned of wheatish complexion and were wearing light coloured or white dresses. Some were wearing phirans, the local Kashmiri dress. But in the centre of this column, I was overjoyed to find Bhagwan Ji sitting on some sort of a platform (cannot exactly say what it was) and smiling with a buff coloured phiran, a turban an and a tilak on his forehead. They too cleared out after a short while and the vision or whatever it was ended. I got up from my seat on the window sill, where I was sitting observing all this and took to bed soon after. This gave me hope that after some trouble all well be well.

The annual function of Mahanirvana with a yajna was duly performed on Ist June '84 and a large number of people attended the function. However, a big problem arose as Bhagwan Ji's Sayanti function on 1Oth July '84 as on account of the change of the chief Ministership of the state there was disturbances and strikes and the state Government had ordered curfew (relaxed during some hours of the day in this area) and we were not sure whether people could be able to go to the Ashram on that day. Practically all the devotees went to the Ashram in the early hours of the morning and others had been there from the previous day. Homa and Paduka Pooja took place normally. Now the question agitating our minds was whether the sadhus invited for Bhandar (lunch & Dakshina and to celebrate the function) would be able to come but were happy as about 150 sadhus did turn up with emblems and comches as usual and pooja took place. to our entire satisfaction. After lunch and Dakshina they were able to go to their places of stay without being molested by the police on curfew duty and the function ended happily. As Habba Kadal bridge was under curfew, we had to take a longer route through 1st bridge to reach our houses.

However, people kept an coming (especially those living nearby) till late in the evening. It was really a miracle that the function could be performed inspite of the curfew.

I had to attend the marriage of my grandson in New Delhi on the 3rd of October '84 and subsequently had to attend the marriage of Bhagwan Ji's Sister, Janki Devi's grand daughter (d/o Triloknath Kachru) an 25th October, 1984. The latter function took place at Ashoka Hotel. On return from the function some sort of neasiness had overwhelmed me and I was perplexed as to what had happened. Concentration on Bhagawa Ji, who would normally appear in my vision as soon as I closed my eyes or with my eyes open, even sometimes, I was faced with total darkness, I did not get his vision at all. Do what might, there was a total occulsion which continued till about 20th of January '85. Enveloped by total darkness. I failed to understand what had taken place or what was going to happen. I did happen to get some sound vibrations sometimes but very feeble. l was clearly immobilized by Muslim saints who thought me a thorn in the way of their objectives and who had been relentless, pursuing me from 1984 onwards or even from earlier years. There is a Muslim lady (boatwomen) living in a doonga adjacent to the river ghat near the Ashram who frequently has Bhagwan Ji's darshan, coming down the stairs of the Ashram to bathe in the river. Two years earlier, the house of Bhagwan Ji's devotee, Pandit Trilokinath Raina (opposite Shri Gapinath Malla's residence) caught fire. The firestarted an the 3rd storey of the house in the rooms (in possession of his collateral brothers) on the Northern side and was spreading to the portion occupied by Trilokinath. The Muslim lady come out and openly solicited Bhagwan Ji's help to save T.N's house as he was Bhagwan Ji's true devotee. The fire consumed everything in the room of the collaterals of T.N. and tongues of flame lapped out of the portion of house of T.N. through the windows but nothing of his was burnt till fire fighters quenched the fire later. In the third week of October '84, she had become aware of a meeting of both Hindu and Muslim, saints in the Ashram but had no further information, for what purpose. Probably Muslim saints had come to challenge Bhagwan Ji. She had told everybody about the occurance. ashram members had to keep, Bhagwan ji's arms up (just as Jews did), by prayer ahutus in fire but nothing was done as nobody seemed to be alive to this danger. The result was the Shakti Culture Upasena of Kashmir received a deadly jolt by the assassination of Indira Ji, who was the main support of Shakti Culture Uparana of Kashmir. She had great faith in Shakti Upasana. Whenever she- would come to Kashmir (once or twice every year), she would worship in Shakti shrines and also wanted to uphold them and not countenance any descretion of these site. She had come to Kashmir about 10 days before her assasination. She first went to the Muslim shrine of Mukdum Sahib on the Southern side of Hari Parvat hill while ascending the stairs (she was probably spiritually attacked by Muslim saints and fell down. After praying in the shrine, she did go to the Sharika Bhagawati shrine at Chakreshwar and worshpped Bhagawati there. But some how the Devi was not inclined to help her. The next day she went to meet Swami Lachman Joo at Nishatbagh and was with him for an hour or so but there was no question of her being saved by him.

However hard the Muslim saints may try using all artifical and questionable methods, they will ultimately fail to penetrate the citadel of Shakti Culture Upasana in Kashmir which has very deep root. There may be temporary setbacks but in the end Shakti Upasana Culture will spread its beneficient enlightening rays throughout the world as "Bhagwan Consciousness" with more universal application which is now possible in the world of the present day and the world would be a better place to live in.

This letter may be treated as confidential. The idea in asking you to keep this letter a secret is that we may not be regarded as men who, have lost their poise and many people will not follow what say as they cannot understand this sort of language. Besides there is the danger that it might breed friction in the Ashram at Srinagar which I want to avoid at all costs.

I hope this letter will not bore you but will give you an idea as to how difficult is your task as both yourself and Sister Jann will sooner or later have to confront these forces of discruption [sic]. No action seems to be possible without polarities (dwunds in Sanskrit) and there is no easy way out.

I would be glad if you show this letter to Sister Jann also to whom I am writing seperately.

With unbounded love to you and Sister Jann.


S. N. Fotedar

Appendix two

 The antenna theory – the process of human consciousness

The Human Antenna- click for larger image (opens new window in browser)The idea that the human being is a system of antennas attuned to separate realties works flawlessly. I can even integrate the idea that the three main systems interconnect to become the process of human consciousness. To me the ideas are a Holon. But Holons cannot be placed on a sheet of paper. So below I am presenting a rational (well, mainly) scientific presentation of the idea. 

As I sit here typing light waves reach out from the screen and meet my eyes. Light comes in through the window and meets my eyes. At night pin pricks of light (waves) reach my eyes from the furthest reaches of the universe. Light waves travel really fast (covering about 1 million kilometres every 3 seconds) and travel for billions of light years. Amazing! And my eyes are a special organ my body has to receive this wave length. From my eyes the information travels to my brain where it is processed to help me understand what is happening around me.

As I sit here typing sound waves reach in the window and inform me that a little insect eating bird is hopping around on the shrubs outside in the garden.  In the distance – and coming closer – I can hear a train on the main line. The sound waves travel towards me in the air at the rate of a kilometre every 3 seconds. From my ears the information travels to my brain where it is processed to help me understand what is happening around me. we receive wave information into our bodies and process it. By processing it we can drive a car using spoken directions from a GPS, we can become stimulated by fellow human, we can walk through a forest at dusk and navigate the crowded aisles of a super market .  Fine!

But we have another organ that picks up information. Here take a look.


Haven’t seen it ? That’s because it is between your eyes. It connects directly to the skull behind the nose. What does it collect ?  I’ll present my guess in a second. The structure is called the ethmoid and I suspect it connects the human body to the consciousness that exists in the intergalactic cosmos. Lots of big words, what do I mean?

I see the skull as a dish antenna that is tuned to accepting signals from the stars and the ethmoid bone with its twirls, cartilage and mucus is the focal point for skull/dish that connects us to the spiritual intellectual side of ourselves.

Now I’ve gone too far. I’ve placed things in front of you that make no sense.  Please bear with me while I go sideways and bring up all manner of things.  I am attempting to create a whole new way of looking at the human personality/ mind/ body relationship and I am stuck with old words and models that really don’t fit.

To illustrate this point. Is the ethmoid the much discussed but never clarified “third eye”? Yes and no – you see that doesn’t help does it? The mystics suggest that by opening the ‘third eye’ humans are able to see into the spiritual worlds – into heaven and hell and all places in between.  But clearly the eye cannot be opened (it is the area behind the bridge of the nose) and already is functioning as it should. The human problem is to accept the signals, to interpret the information that the ethmoid brings into the skull. And to do that requires the acceptance of a model of human consciousness that predates the idea of the individual human soul and our belief that “I” “am I” and have soul, a personality that resides inside the body. (Note that the words ‘soul’ and ‘personality’ are nouns, later I will argue that our “I” is actually a process, a verb. But let’s leave that aside for the moment.)

You see, the old models, the old words, swallow what I’m trying to present. I’ll try another way … The concept I’m working to present to you is intrinsic to Theravadan Buddhism which believes that humans are part of the total cosmos and the human problem is that we get so caught up with our desires that we lose sight of this fact.

Does the ethmoid pick up a wave – like the eyes and the ears?  My guess is no because I suspect that what the ethmoid does is to keep open an instantaneous and constant link to the galactic cosmos. How is this possible? I leave the science, the explanation of this, to David Beale*.

And at this point in the discussion I’ll move into using illustrations from modern computing.

Ok here we go … the ethmoid is the equivalent to a modem constantly switched onto the web of the intergalactic cosmos.

Please, I’m not suggesting that humans are inanimate computers. What I’m doing is using computing as a model to explain the ‘antenna’ theory to you. The writers, the mystics of yesterday couldn’t use the computer as an illustrative model. They were stuck with other analogies, the words that were relevant to the cultures and language sets of their time.

As I progress in my discussion I’ll illustrate the difficulties experienced by earlier authors. I believe that others have also seen what I’m presenting but lacked the cultural and language frameworks in which to present the idea that I’m developing for you. For example Rudolf Steiner often referred to the triad of human “thinking, willing and feeling”. While Freud used the triad of “superego, ego and libido”. So within these conventional models, can I use the words “higher self” to equate to “cosmic consciousness”? I think so.


Let’s leave our skulls and the unrecognised ethmoid and move on to human skeleton and the lymph system. Why have I picked these? Because they are the other two large scale antennas that receive ‘wave’ information. I suspect that all our individual organs like the heart and the liver also receive information and float (so to say) in a sea of information. BTW it is interesting how heart transplant cases can change their habits and personality, so to say ‘retuning’ their lives. But for the time being, to simplify things, let’s ignore this aspect of the workings of human consciousness

The skeleton an antenna?  Yes, it is easy to see that it looks a lot like a directional TV antenna. But there is the rest of the body as well, the arms, the legs the fingers, feet. Yes I think they all pick up signals … and in turn can send signals.

But I’m going to go further, I am going to suggest that the white matter in the spine is a processing centre, a brain in itself. And I suspect (I’ve gone beyond guessing) that it tunes us into the horizontal flow of life in the surroundings — the impulses, the information that comes from the humans (and all the other species) with which we share our planet. The white spinal cord with the old brain (the hypothalamus) is where our “Body Mind” lives. It processes terrestrial information.

The Body Mind is powerful and partly independent of our total personality processing. In old fashioned terms it is Monkey Mind, the Double. In Freud’s terms it is the unconscious fuelled by the libido. It is the human “willing” aspect in Steiner’s operative conditioning model (one needs to exercise ‘will’ to keep the ‘body mind’ from making unreasonable and dangerous demands on the personality). For information on the double visit …  or or

I wrote ‘total personality processing’ in the paragraph above. This doesn’t make much sense (the problem of old words again) so this may be a good time to go back to terminology the computer analogy offers us.

In computer terminology the human mind/body relationship has three input systems … Skull/ethmoid


3.Lymph/water brain (I will get to describing the Lymph system later)

... OK, three input systems, three mother boards. Each sends information to the central processing unit that presents the information that appears on the screen of our daily consciousness. So our self-awareness, our feeling of “I” is from the process that is running. Our personal “I” is a verb, an activity, not a stable proper noun. (I’ve said that already.)

This brings up an important side issue – In humans our culture, education and experience writes the software programs connects the three input systems and runs the CPU.

And it is interesting to note that all planetary mammals appear to share the same 3 brain mother board system with basically similar connections. Yet there are large differences between species. Cats, with their fine bird like skeletons experience things differently to humans. Perhaps the CPU of whales and dolphins is more powerful than we humans with a higher development of their skull based cosmic consciousness. In the same way one can consider other species. 

For the time being let’s leave aside these fascinating digressions that the antenna model opens for discussion and move onto the Lymph/water brain. This a fascinating part of the human being, the oldest and least understood. Like the ethmoid the lymph system seems to have escaped serious consideration. 

I only came to comprehend the Lymph/water brain when I looked deeply at Australian aboriginal culture and the question of tracking — how do aboriginal people manage to follow a week old trail. In an effort to learn I went bush walking without shoes. Gradually I developed the ability to sense, to feel, the rocks that were in my way. the Lymph system in the human being is portrayed in the two diagrams. They are markedly different. This is because the lymph system quickly collapses on death and so cannot be studied in anatomy lessons. Lymph nodes remain but the interconnectedness disappears. I searched the web to find images and found a huge divergence of representative styles. To me the significant aspect of the lymph is that it has a huge interchange point around the base of the spine in the pelvis (not shown in these sketches).  Taking the interchange point (which resides inside the ball like pelvis) as the centre one can bend over the image of the human and one has a jelly fish like creation living inside the firmer human body. The tentacles reach into the hands and the feet, making for a jelly fish like touch awareness of the environment. is here, in the pelvis that the ‘water brain’ resides, it is made up of the bladder, uterus in women and the scrolls of the intestine. It in some simple – can one say primitive way – the lymph ‘brain’ provides a ‘feeling’ input to the human body.

To make another important digression.  Sorry. The lymph system has access to another energy system. Variously called Chi, Orgone, Earth energy or similar the lymph system essentially accesses and uses an energy source that whisks out of the earth. I call this energy proto-water and see it as vital to carbon cycle in mammal bodies (this is in contrast to the oxygen cycle which uses the in breath of lung cycle). It appears to absorb earth energy on the outbreath and helps the body dump accumulated toxins. So proper out breathing guards against cancer – but all this is a story for another time.

In Summary, we are an amalgam of three input systems.

1. Skull/ethmoid   2. Spine/hypothalamus    3. Lymph/water brain



Further notes on the implications of the antenna theory

Explains possessions.

The influence of crowds and the mass media on our perceptions

Many forms of mental instability also explained

The strong influence of the body mind (i.e. ‘The Double’ and how/why this dominates personalities.

Many implications for treatment systems

By observing dolphins one senses a group mind and it appears that their ‘mind actually resides outside the earth, on an exo-planet. Also consider birds; for example, cockatoos live to a great age, have long memories and considerable intelligence. It seems that bird species are connected to an information “cloud” which supplies their impossibly tiny brains with the information they need to fly.

Phil Callahan’s wave guide theory and pictures from his book, ‘Tuning in to Nature’

And a final note on the nature of consciousness.


The total cosmos is one consciousness. We live in a bubble of consciousness billions of light years wide. We share this consciousness with anything that may be currently living on any exo-planet, anywhere. Our scientifically trained minds instinctively reject such ideas but a classical Taoist or an esoteric Buddhist would be quick to accept such ideas — the concept of innumerable worlds can be found everywhere in their literature.

“Know that your mind itself is immeasurable, the container of a myriad, myriad universes, each of them vast beyond your comprehension. All the illimitable power that exists in those myriads of universes would be yours in full, if you had the wisdom enough to use it. The same is true of every sentient being ... when a single bee sucks honey, all beings in the myriad universes suck honey; when a worm is crushed, all beings in those universes are crushed.”

The implication of the above we are all part of the total whole and so conscious communication is instantaneous — because it is co-shared by all entities. Again, classical eastern literature describes this.

“… Since Mind alone exists, and since all apparent differentiations between this and that, I and you, is contained within it, where else could deities reside? The mind of every being is as broad and deep as the cosmos itself. It is the entire cosmos, not a part but the whole – call it what you will.”

Quotes from John Blofeld, ‘The Bodhisattva of Compassion


So we are antenna systems for sharing/partaking in this total consciousness. We are constantly picking up and sending out instantaneously transmitted information, which is part of the whole web of cosmic consciousness. This antenna system can be 'tuned' to accept and send out different signals — by thoughts, music, prayer, dance, drugs, etc.